Are you in the market searching for a home builder and need to start the construction of your new home right away? A question for which you need to get an answer is whether you should pick a production or a custom home.  While both can help you build your dwelling place, it is essential to sort out the differences.

Both production and custom home builders offer excellent services and a great home for you to live in. Therefore, the decision to build a custom home depends on you and the design inputs to expect during the construction process. Before taking a step ahead, you need to know that a production home builder constricts a community based on similar floor plans and offers little opportunity for customisation. On the other hand, a custom home-building company creates unique homes based on the preferences of the buyers.

Here is a glimpse of production home vs. custom home.

Custom or production home: Which option to choose?

Production Homes

To build production homes, the builder needs to invest in expansive areas to turn them into neighbourhoods. They are often called tract homes as structures come up on large tracts of land. Initially, the company sells the open lots in the neighbourhood and then begins the construction. The production builders buy materials in bulk and offer a collated list of floor plans, hardware, fixtures, and finishes to customers. As they build houses in volumes, the list reaches a greater audience base. If you are planning to save time and need to get possession of the living space soon, investing in a production home is a better option.

  • The production home builder offers less flexibility in home design as they create homes with similar floor plans one after the other, unlike custom home builders near me.
  • Homes and land offered as a comprehensive package
  • You can pick homes with various price points and the land comes along with the deal
  • When buying production homes, you have no stress with fewer decisions to be made.
  • Compared to a custom home, a production home comes as a more affordable option.

When exploring custom homes and unable to decide whether it is the right option or not, ask yourself the following questions

  • Can you get an unlimited choice during the home-building process?
  • Are your expectations of living specific and you are aware of what suits your personality and vision?
  • Will you get the opportunity to discuss with Kelowna home builders and interior designers to build your dream home?
  • Will the production home builder know your lifestyle needs?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, your choice is inclined toward a custom home builder. However, if you are not keen to involve in the process of home building and prefer community living, you are more eligible for a production home.

Custom homes

When it comes to building a custom-made house, everything from the design, and construction to the layout is centred on your preferences. All you need is to discuss your ideas with Kelowna builders and a zero in a home building company with a good reputation for custom homes. Bellamy Homes is one of those companies that you can rely on for luxury and simple custom-made houses that have been setting trends.

  • When building a custom home, a reputed builder offers you a flurry of suggestions besides discussing with you the budget, the zoning laws, and the building codes.
  • From personalised designs to finishes, hardware, and fixtures, everything in custom houses is based on your decision, unlike production homes.
  • When you invest in a custom-made house, the cost is naturally higher than the production home. This is primarily because you get everything based on your needs. So, chances of making alternations may be unlikely. So, the bottom line is that you save money, time, and stress when owning a custom home and say goodbye to hassles in the long run.
  • Primarily, the freedom of living in a home that a Kelowna contractor designs for you is different than the feeling of living in a community.
  • The opportunity for personalisation makes a customised home a better opportunity than a production home.

When considering whether to build a production or a personalised home, the decision depends on your requirements. You must explore each option carefully and assess your budget to make the right decision for you and your family. Do not stress yourself with the decision-making but get a feel of what both builders offer before you arrive at a decision that makes home buying a pleasurable experience.